Saturday, August 11, 2007

Week 5

I made more changes after the critique in week 4, and the feedback I received from the publisher in week 5. I've changed the overall logo color to a green/blue, rather than red, which seemed to be over-powering the compositions. A new cover photo is being used to test how the old cover treatment will work with a new image. The San Francisco Chefs logo on the inner pages was reduced in size and alignments were adjusted. The T.O.C. background image was changed to the same as that of the cover. The feature now uses thinner variations of Gill Sans, rather than the contrasting bold and regular. The Bold, more specifically, made the feature look too "fun", and not sophisticated enough. I'm still working on resizing the feature photos so that I do not crop them. I have to take a small step backwards in order to make them work with the other page elements. I'm also in the process of laying out the Chef's Recommendation pages as well as the dedication page.

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