Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MInutes for Today's Class

Here are a few of the topics of discussion from today’s class:

Kris Robertson from the Career Services department is finalizing last minute issues with AiW’s Culinary Department regarding our presentation on Week 8.

Mr. Julien offered up Michel Richard’s book as a reference for the class.
After a quick examination it seems that white space is used throughout the book to give it an ultra-clean look.
Michel also likes to use stacked type….
Michel also goes into great detail in his recipes, and is very methodical in his process.
The same attention to detail could also be seen in the choices he must have made during the design and production of his book.

The forward to Michel Richard’s book, written by Thomas Keller, was also handed out.

This week the class is required to hand in a formal analysis of the previous issues of DC and San Francisco Chefs Magazine.

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